Winter Wonderland?

Never seen it snow this much in my hometown.



Did not stop snowing the entire day on Saturday.


Our camellia tree.



Snow is pretty, but it also means more work to do around the house.






We live right in front of a shrine, which is located right in front of a temple. There’s about three or four graveyards in the proximity too. So naturally, I used to be really scared of going out in the dark, or even going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, when I was little. Actually, truth be told, I still don’t want to be left alone in the house after dusk.





That’s not our house, by the way…but just the one right opposite to ours. It was too cold and I was being lazy to go out and take a photo of our home, but we live in one of the more traditional-style homes in the region too.

Anyway…cold, cold, cold. Hands freezing, too cold even to type properly.

Winter Fashion

Hello people :)

It was such a sunny day here in Sydney today! It was getting colder these couple of days, especially at dusk and dawn, but thank goodness it was a lot warmer today that the temperature even reached up to 24 degrees! I’m going to embrace the warmth before the chilly winter takes away all the joy from me. I’m almost like a reptile, in a sense that I’m only ever warm under the sun. As soon as I hit the shade, my skin cools down and start getting goosebumps. Might sound like I complain too much about something so small, but this is quite a serious issue for me, especially during the winter months. I’m sure those of you who also have super-poor peripheral circulation would understand.

As much as I love being out in the sun on days that I don’t have classes at uni, walking outside seems to stress me out sometimes. I usually wear a pair of sunglasses when the sun is out, but even then, for some strange reason my eyes dry up very easily, leaving me feeling as though I am sleepy and tired. And I get way too thirsty when I’m outside – which is not a problem on its own because I try to carry a water bottle with me most of the time, but I happen to have the tiniest bladder anyone could possibly have…. Such a dilemma; whether to drink water, or not to drink water, that is the question. Yes these petty stuff do add up, and trust me when I say it is a stressful situation we’re dealing with over here :P Does anybody else have a similar problem like me too? Have you found a solution to make it better?

Anyway, moving back to the wintry topic. Although I despise the cold temperatures and the miserable rain that the season brings, I don’t truly hate the season itself as much. I mean, it is the holiday season with many many festivities after all!!! Okay, maybe that doesn’t apply over here in Sydney, but whatever. The season just reminds me of the warmth and coziness of being together with family and friends. The beautiful music and illuminations on the streets. Sure it’s not always that dreamy throughout the entire season; we all do have lives to live. But a little bit of day-dreaming never hurt anyone, right?

Fashion is also another thing I love about winter!! It’s only one of the few things I can look forward to in this chilly season. Cute capes and coats, warm and fuzzy scarves, clickety clackety boots…!!!!! It could not not cheer a girl up. However, here’s the sad part of the story (for me) – my circulation seems to have been getting even worse lately, so I think I’m going to have to resolve to not wearing shorts, dresses or skirts throughout the entire season :( This is just so so sooooo disappointing but I’d rather not sacrifice my legs for fashion. I know, a lot of people say “fashion is pain”, but I don’t think I can commit myself that much, to be honest. Earlier this year, I also made the compromise of switching from carrying shoulder bags to backpacks when I go to uni. Although I miss my bags sometimes (they’re just sitting in my closet for the most part these days, boo), my shoulders are very thankful for my sensible choice. I know choosing comfort would probably be the right thing to do for me this time around too.

I know I’m going to miss being able to shop for a wider variety of clothes, but I’m not one to stay pessimistic for too long! I did some research (oh what would we ever do without you, Pinterest) and found some pretty cool winter coordinations that I might want to try, without having to cause my knees to shiver and clatter!!!

Pastels always make me smile :)


Leg warmers - but probably with skinnies or cigarette pants for me instead of tights, for extra insulation.

Introducing colour and pattern through scarves, since I won't be able to incorporate them through skirts and dresses.

Has the time to try a white pair of jeans finally arrived for me?


I recently got a leather jacket from etsy, but how cute is this plaid inner lining? I might invest in a new denim shirt though.


Just realised how I only own ankle boots! Maybe knee high ones too this year.


Love it or hate it. I love it.


Only if the leggings are warm enough :P But I adore the pattern!

Big sweaters + statement necklaces


And one final favourite.

Kidding! But who knows what they’d want to wear in decades’ time. Maybe then :P

Alrighty then, I should probably go and make shopping plans now!

– Asuma

A-Z Survey

Oh hello people :)

It’s April!!!

Now I would have been happy about that if I were in the Northern Hemisphere right now; spring is my favourite time of the year and I’d give anything to live in a city that had a spring-like climate all year round.

Ok that’s wishing for the impossible, but if I had that kind of money I bet I’d be traveling the world every season, just to be in a place that’s having their spring months at that time ;)

Not a bad idea, don’t you think?

But April means the slow approach of winter over here in Sydney…and also the end of Daylight Savings.

Saved an extra hour!!

Well not really in the long run, but you get what I mean.

Now that I’ve spent a very productive hour going through my Google Reader this morning [insert sarcasm font], I’m going to move on to finish this A-Z survey from Janetha of meals & moves!! You can also get the template from her blog here.

I know, everyone did it like ages ago and I’m finally getting around to do it now.

But it’s such a fun idea to pass out on just because I’m late; better late than never!

Ready? So here goes.

A is for age:

19, going on 20, and it’s still time to think.

B is for breakfast today:

Recycled photo…but exactly the same thing (only back then I had Kefir yoghurt):

Soleil Vanilla Yoghurt + 1/2 Banana + Farmer’s Choice Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Granola

C is for currently craving:

Janetha’s friend’s Sweet Potato Vegetarian Chili with Cinnamon Sour Cream (click here for the recipe).

I actually woke up this morning and whipped it up, so going to have it for lunch :)

Oh, so I actually did spend my hour doing something productive today! Just noticed :P

D is for dinner tonight:

Probably the leftover of this Red Capsicum and Asparagus Frittata with Mozzarella and Jalapeno.

The stuff is not too bad (for something that I made).

E is for favorite type of exercise:

Body Attack, Yoga, Pilates.

Don’t tell me to pick one, please…but definitely cardio over heavy weights.

F is for an irrational fear:

Failing at uni! Ok actually that’s not irrational…so I’m going to go with getting a skewer stabbed in between my fingertip and nail. I don’t know why but this thought has scared me all the time.

It’s a crazy idea, but I think I watched something similar to that in a Jackie Chan movie when I was little, and the thought stuck with me ever since.

G is for gross food:

Badly and/or incompletely cooked potato. No no no no no no. I cannot stand it.

H is for hometown:

Gunma, Japan y’all :D I don’t even know why I just went Southern.

I is for something important:

My degree. I know I should have said something in the line of family, love, well-being, etc. But this was what came up the first thing in my mind, so I’m going to go with the honesty route here.

J is for current favorite jam:

Friday, by Rebecca Black…kidding!

Michael Jackson’s Human Nature is my buzz at the moment.

K is for kids:

I’m a kid. What are you talking about?

Ok, maybe I wouldn’t say never, but cannot imagine myself being able to fulfil the duties of a mother in the next trillion years or so.

L is for current location:

Sitting at the table in my living room instead of blogging from my desk like I usually do, so I can get my share of the warm sunlight coming in through the windows :)

M is for the most recent way you spent money:

Groceries yesterday!

Haven’t had fig jam in a long time, so that was my most significant purchase.

N is for something you need:

Ummm…more time.

But something I want would be a new lunch box or a blender!

O is for occupation:

Second-year full-time medical student at UNSW.

P is for pet peeve:

Wet kitchen counter.

Cannot stand it when people don’t wipe them up.

I could come up with more stuff like that, but I think for the purpose of this survey (and so that you don’t think I’m some crazy person, which is kind of true), one should suffice.

Q is for a quote:


R is for random fact about you:

I have a really round facial bone structure. Got it from Dad.

S is for favorite healthy snack:

Right now, I’m back with my sweet potato kick again!

Sweet Potato + Almond Butter + Skim Milk + Cinnamon.

I actually got this idea from Katie of Lilveggiepatch (her version here), but I’m lazy so I just made it simpler and dumped everything together. Katie’s one is much prettier and probably a hundred times yummier too.

T is for favorite treat:

Cereal!! Oh my love for cereal is forever. It’s not exactly a “treat” treat but honestly, if I were given the choice to eat something like a brownie or a bowl of cereal (and hypothetically, they had exactly the same nutritional content), I’d choose the cereal. Yeah my devotion is real.

U is for something that makes you unique:

My name. I haven’t met a single person with my name, “Asuma”.

Except that anime character who stole my name :P

Well I was born before the manga came out anyway, so it’s still original :)

V is for favorite vegetable:

Broccoli is my all time fave.

But if I could pick more than one…ok I’m not going to go there, it’ll just be endless.

W is for today’s workout:

Probably Pilates later. Not planning for a full-on workout today.

X is for X-rays you’ve had:

Finger, ankle, chest, pelvis. That’s pretty much it.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight:

Body Attack 76!!! So much fun :) I also met a girl from my year in med (who also goes to the Saturday Body Attack every week), and few senior med students too. It had been a long time since I last saw them, so it was nice catching up.

Z is for your time zone:

GMT +10.

Daylight saving just ended this morning!
Okay, that was fun :) Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday and work on a Group Project assignment….*sigh*
Enjoy the rest of the weekend you all!!
       – Asuma