Long Time No WIAW

Hello hippies :)

How has your week been going so far? Today was the last working day of the week for me since tomorrow is Good Friday over here in Sydney!!! Weeeee :D Here comes an entire week of holiday for me! I really desperately need to catch up on studies for the upcoming exam, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to focus on that and actually get sh*t done. Should stop procrastinating so much all the time. Ughhh.

Anyway, back to the main point of this post. Yes, WIAW :) I noticed how I have not done a WIAW post in quite a while, when I was going through my older posts the other day. So yesterday seemed like a good place to get back on the horse again.

A huge thanks to Jenn of Peas and Crayons for hosting!

So here goes!


Oat bran with LSA, cocoa powder, egg whites, milk and cinnamon. Same old, same old. Well not actually for me, because I do change up the mix-ins pretty often. They just look the same when photographed :P


Sweet potato vegan chili, thinned out into a soup with extra carrots and an egg. With a side of peppermint tea :) I adapted the chili from this recipe from Janetha’s blog, meals & moves.


Frozen berries with cottage cheese and maple syrup. Before and after mixing!


Arugula salad with lentil and veggie burger, carrots, beetroot, broccoli and hummus. Sorry for the un-photogenic leaves; they kind of wilted a little when I added the hot veggie burger.

Go veggie-fied WIAW :)

Hope I’ll get around to do more WIAW posts, now that I’ve been blogging more often than I used to before. Maybe that way I’d get to introduce more variety into my meals so I don’t have to make it too boring for you guys to read :D

Happy Easter!!! 

– Asuma

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4 thoughts on “Long Time No WIAW

    • The sweetness of the potato went really well with this spicy chili :D Adding the egg made it milder too. I’ve tried it over steamed butternut pumpkin. I think I have a tendency to make spicy meals milder by adding things; I just feel like the hot and spicy sensation on the tongue inhibits my ability to taste all the other ingredients in the dish (though a “slight” kick is always welcome).

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