Sidebar – Victoria’s Secret; Cara Delevingne

Kind of wanted to write about Cara Delevingne too in my previous post too, but decided to copy-paste it here onto a separate post. So here you go.

[Read my previous post on Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows here.]

Didn’t really care for Cara Delevingne, not in VSFS anyway. She may have been an appropriate choice for the Pink collection, but I just don’t see her charm as an angel. She may have won the Model Of The Year in British Fashion Awards in 2012, and I won’t lie, she does carry a certain air of confidence and has her own distinct style, but for some reason I just don’t like her. It’s not even that I don’t like her style in fashion or the way she looks. I don’t care about her personal decisions with regards to her health, but there is something very insincere about her claim that she eats junk all the time and doesn’t really take care of her health. Is it just me who suspects that she probably throws away her double cheese burger after pretending to chomp off a huge bite from it to post the photo on her Instagram account? To me, all the fast food in her photos are beginning to look like only a prop to establish her fashion statement, which is “oh I don’t give a crap about my health or what people think of me, and hey this makes me look so cool”. I do believe that she probably has a naturally skinny build, but I doubt she actually consumes pizzas, chicken strippers, soft pretzels, burgers, etc. on a regular basis like she claims to. My guess is that her diet mainly consists of very small amounts of junk or conventionally “unhealthy” food and suppresses her appetite with cocaine and caffeine. I mean, she’s not lying about what she eats, it’s just misleading only for her own benefit.




Note – I am not hating on her, good for her that she’s successful in her career! To be honest, if her current diet is working for her and she’s happy with it, I really don’t have anything else to say. I guess it’s just that she doesn’t appeal to me as a Victoria’s Secret model specifically, and overall not exactly my cup of tea.

Victoria’s Secret Post Take-2

Been having a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show marathon again.

2012 > 2013 in my opinion, pretty much just because Miranda Kerr wasn’t in the latter :( My favourite Angel, Adriana Lima was in both though, so that was great.

Some of the looks I liked (and remembered):

Miranda Kerr, being her gorgeous self in the 2012 show.

This was by far my favourite moment amongst all the recent years’ VS shows. Her expression was magical! You know what I’m talking about if you’ve watched it too. If you haven’t, just look up “miranda kerr 2012 silver screen” on YouTube.

Adriana – super professional, and determined, trains like an athlete. Literally jumped back into shape and show-ready in a mere 8 weeks after giving birth to her second child in 2012. Only you, Adriana!!

Also, Adriana’s Super Bowl commercial in 2012. Hottest Angel ever!! But gosh, the Parisian Night ad was fantastic too.

Behati Prinsloo. Probably my favourite amongst Victoria Secret’s younger Angels.

I’d totally wear this if I ever had the guts (after I add about a hundred yards of cloth here and there)! Personal favourite “costume” :D

The Namibian beauty. Bonus point for her because it’s so much fun to say “Prinsloo” :D

Candice Swanepoel, the South African superstar!!!

Candice in 2011.

And here is Candice in 2013, with the jewel-encrusted $10 million Fantasy Bra.

Candice as the February Girl for the “Calendar Girls” collection.

Doutzen Kroes. I think I admire her “no joke” attitude more than her look itself.

Doutzen – such a badass name :D

Alessandra Ambrosio. She always make me hungry for an Ambrosia salad.

The “Angels In Bloom” collection. Very pretty in general.

I also have so much fun listening to all of the models’ unique accents.

P.S. I was going to write about Cara Delevingne too, but when I started, things took a wrong turn…and well, I decided to leave it for my next post because I really wanted this one to be just about the things I actually liked ;)

TV Shows & Me

I know this is my second post with a Jenna Marbles video in a row, but hey, I’ve got to write posts as and when things inspire me.

Basically what Jenna said in the video above is my life. A friend of mine also pointed out that I’m practically an addict now, and should start weaning off before uni starts in a few weeks. Lol, I hope I don’t have a problem. Pretty sure I won’t go through a withdrawal or anything though. It’s just that I honestly think TV shows make my life so much more colourful! TV shows aren’t things I just watch to veg out or kill time when I’m bored – sure, I do that too sometimes, but not with my absolute favourite shows. It’s a legitimate hobby, something I do with passion. Why yes, I take my TV shows very seriously :D

  • I like to connect with my dearest characters emotionally, watch them grow, share their happiness and pain as they progress through each season.
  • I continue to make photo-sets and gifs about (Tumblr, I thank you with all my life). Constantly tweet about the show, whether it be quotes, about the actors and the crews, behind the scene gossip, etc. Many conversations I have with my close friends involve TV show references sprinkled all over the place, and I love every bit of it.
  • One of the reasons Scrubs is my ultimate favourite show is that the cast and the crew had such a great time filming and creating the show. I think it was hugely thanks to Bill Lawrence, for creating such an environment where they could be so care-free and creative, both on and off-set. The friendship that’s still going strong between some of the actors, writers and the directors is just magnificent. Isn’t it simply amazing how Zach Braff ended up becoming Donald Faison’s son, Rocco’s godfather? :D
  • I obviously have a list just for Scrubs on my Twitter. I need to favourite, retweet and reply to Bill Lawrence and Zach Braff (and many others) asap.
  • I want to make a book out of all of my favourite actors/directors/writers’ tweets.
  • The twitter thing pays off, because that’s how I make sure I don’t miss things like the actors’ AMAs on reddit.
  • I literally feel my pop-culture ego’s worth go up every single time my favourite actor/director/etc. retweets me or replies to my tweet.
  • Oh yeah, I have a secret pop-culture ego and she’s a pegasus that feeds on guacamole and coconuts. She really looks up to Abed Nadir from Community.
  • Of course I have a playlist just dedicated to my favourite show on YouTube.
  • My favourite characters are my pop-culture guardian angels. In my head, they’re all hanging out in a salon together, looking over my TV expeditions.
  • Bill Lawrence is basically the god that stands above all those angels.
  • Scrubs is the ultimate golden standard of all sitcoms. For example, I would say that Troy and Abed from Community are simply a different version for Turk and JD from Scrubs.
  • I don’t have a favourite drink, I’m not really huge on alcohol in general…but that’s okay, because neither is JD!! :D
  • I don’t know how many times I’ve watched each episode from Scrubs, but I can totally be a Scrubs connoisseur and recommend an episode or a season to a friend in need of something to watch according to their mood.
  • Anybody who says Season 9 was their favourite season from Scrubs is my enemy by default.
  • This is how I feel about Elliot – I hated her in Season 1, I still don’t really like her. But because JD loves her, I kind of have to love her too. This reasoning is basically that which you would employ on your best friend’s significant other. It’s an obligation to love them because you love your friend just too much.
  • My desktop is always, always, from a TV show.
  • My ringtone right now – OST of The Office.
  • I still have the whip app that Howard had in his phone in TBBT years ago.
  • I’ve already planned my next Halloween costume, and it’s from Scrubs. It’s not flashy, it’s obscure, may be even dull to most other people, but I don’t f*cking care because the hell it’s from Scrubs and I want to do it.
  • I am still patiently waiting for someone to come up with the App App, as shown in Cougar Town, featuring Zach Braff.
  • What Liz Lemon said in 30 Rock – Steve Carell owns That’s What She Said. Forever.
  • That “pact with your significant other, if you ever get to meet your favourite actor from the show and hypothetically have sex with him” thing that Jenna was talking about…yeah. Totally crossed my mind. In fact, I’ve had that conversation with my bestie multiple times (and I have a list of those actors).
  • I would totally name a pet Gizmo or Rowdy, just because of Turk and JD.
  • Moreover, I hope that my decision to study medicine had nothing to do with Scrubs…but say if it did, would it be so bad? :P



I gave my friend a tiki necklace (like the one JD gave Turk in Scrubs) on his birthday. I’m such a great friend.


My previous desktop wallpaper.



Zach Braff fan forever, y’all :D






Still love TBBT, but kind of losing rank in my list lately. Thankfully, Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah Fowler) is making me stay close to the show. Again, I still am a huge fan of the show and adore Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper, but Mayim was like a breath of fresh air for the show.


Here is a sample of my Scrubs collages. I love my life.


I mean, I could literally talk about this topic forever, I’d never catch up trying to put it all down in a post. But here was a chunk of my thoughts and emotions on my favourite TV shows that I could chomp down for now, partially digested and regurgitated for your enjoyment.

Putting My Eggs In One Basket

This video by the fabulous Jenna Marbles reminded me that I don’t always have to have time for everything.

As I am going back to uni in a few week’s time, I need to remember to put all of my focus on only my top priorities. I am really going to put an effort into following this decision, because during my first two years in uni, in retrospect, I was wasting so much time and energy on unessential stuff. I was getting burnt out dispersing my attention on things I “thought” I needed to tend to in order to be perfect.

Now, I have a different definition of perfection (not that I believe absolute perfection is attainable, but this is more of a guide to get closer to my ideal) – I am going to put everything I’ve got on my one true ambition, Medicine. During this past year, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect upon myself, dig deep and question myself about what it was that I truly wanted to do with my life…and now, it’s clearer than ever that this is what I want to achieve for myself. I want to do everything I can to be my very best at what I aspire to be. My own best. To make this possible, I am inevitably going to have to let go with a few other aspects of my life, but I don’t see that as a sacrifice. In fact, it’s actually delicious to think that I can now put all of my eggs into one basket and be confident about it. I am no longer going to have to feel shame for being shabby at what I do, simply because I’m going to be better. It’s not a question of “if” I can be better, or I will “try” to be better. I am telling myself that I am better, thus I shall do better. I want to keep exploring the limits of my potential, and as long as I continue doing that, I will always be my best. It’s liberating to think that I don’t have to feel guilt for not “being everything”, which apparently was my previous mindset, simply put.

So to conclude, my top two priorities for now – Medicine and Yoga. That is all. That is all I need.

Winter Wonderland?

Never seen it snow this much in my hometown.



Did not stop snowing the entire day on Saturday.


Our camellia tree.



Snow is pretty, but it also means more work to do around the house.






We live right in front of a shrine, which is located right in front of a temple. There’s about three or four graveyards in the proximity too. So naturally, I used to be really scared of going out in the dark, or even going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, when I was little. Actually, truth be told, I still don’t want to be left alone in the house after dusk.





That’s not our house, by the way…but just the one right opposite to ours. It was too cold and I was being lazy to go out and take a photo of our home, but we live in one of the more traditional-style homes in the region too.

Anyway…cold, cold, cold. Hands freezing, too cold even to type properly.

Halfie Problems

Halfie problems, some maybe only applicable to me….

1. The most difficult question you’ll encounter when you meet new people – “where are you from?”. Should you say where you were born? Or the country you lived in last? Maybe the place you spent the highest net total time in???

2. You find yourself justifying your skewed sleep patterns by telling yourself that it’s a perfectly acceptable time if you were in the time-zone your parents or your best friends are in.

3. Actually, the question you don’t even know the answer to yourself is “which is your favourite country?”. Especially when you’re currently in one of those countries and you don’t want to offend that person by saying the other one. Is this a trick question? What are you trying to get out of me??!

4. Sometimes, your mum’s cooking will lose boundaries of cuisines and you don’t know what to call that thing you’re eating. (Mum, they’re delicious, I’m just really really confused.)

5. You will not stop hearing people tell you that you have an “interesting” mix of blood, which you have eventually grown to love and appreciate.

6. Which brings me to the next point; you had those childhood and teenage years when all you wanted was to blend in and be just like everyone else. If you’re reading this and are in a similar halfie situation, currently going through those confusing, agonising school days, I have good news for you – it gets better. Even if it seems hard right now, you will eventually be able to embrace and be proud of your unique heritage :)

7. You hair is neither straight, wavy or curly.

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 7.28.16 AM

8. You can never find a souvenir/keychain/name-tag that has your name on it. (But you’re secretly proud of it.)

9. The dilemma whether to take a trip to somewhere you’ve never been, or fly back to one of your home countries, whenever a long holiday is coming up.

10. You know bits of history about both your parents’ home countries or wherever you’ve lived in, but never enough to pass for a public school level of knowledge.

But really, the best way to learn anything is through manga. Take “Rose of Versailles” – everything you need to know about the French Revolution.

11. You’re bilingual/more, but at least one of your accents are kind of funky.

12. You still don’t know which language you want to curse in.

13. The language you speak to yourself in inside your head changes according to where you’re currently living in. Call it…


14. You can never complete a conversation with your sibling without incorporating at least two languages in it.

15. Why do all official forms require you put in your permanent address? What the hell is that?

This would have made my life so much simpler.

16. Your smartphone is filled with all kinds of communication apps. WhatsApp? iMessage? Viber? Snapchat? Skype? FaceTime? Google?

17. Which nationality do you look more like? It changes throughout your childhood continuously, but you eventually give up and call yourself a citizen of the earth.

18. Sometimes you get confused how you should be pronouncing your name.

19. You never get to meet your best friend. But when you do, you can hit it from right where you left off.

20. You have a passport that you use regularly…and another one (or more) that you probably ever won’t.

21. You really wish you understood more about patriotism…but

21. You and your siblings each have a different accent of English, and you still have no idea why. Oh and for the last time, just because you cannot quite put a finger on what my accent is, it doesn’t mean it’s Canadian.

22. You communicate with each of your parents in a different language.

But comedy is a universal language ;)

23. But ultimately, you feel the most comfortable in English and dream about how much simpler communicating with your parents could have been if the entire family were equally fluent in just one language.